Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I love the rain, but I absolutely hate the way it makes my head feel. Having weather patterns as a migraine trigger sucks! I'm a walking barometer. A thankless job, if you ask me.

On a brighter note, I did get the wretched Courts and Procedures paper done today. I still have some proofreading to do, but the hardest part is over. Now it's just spit and polish. YAY! Now I can get started on my pro bono paper for Ethics and start on my group project research. Remind me again why I wanted to go back to school... :D

I'm really thankful that this week is Spring Break. I needed some time to get caught back up and get organized. I was feeling incredibly tired and completely out of control. I hate out of control... and overwhelmed. Overwhelmed sucks. I'm the mom, I'm' supposed to be in control, right? LOL

Now I'm kicked back, watching The Biggest Loser. I hate that Jillian's team has to eliminate someone, but I love watching the "Transformation Moments." I'm a sucker for a new beginning.

After the show, I'm going to FB for awhile and then chill out in a hot bath.

Peace out, Y'all! :D