Saturday, January 30, 2010


Sitting here under my Snuggie (yes, I drank the Koolaid) in a warm house watching it snow outside has had a good effect on me. First, I've relaxed more this weekend than I have in a long time. Instead of running for our lives, we've stayed home and rested. I think we've all taken more naps then any of us would have admitted that we needed.

Second, I am waxing very philosophical and I realize how incredibly fortunate we are. As I said, I'm in a warm house, under a warm blanket with sleeves, typing on a laptop, watching an HD TV, snuggling with my family and pets. What in the world do I have to whine about? We've had plenty of good food at our disposal. On Monday, I will return to a job that I actually like and am good at. My husband will return to work at a job he enjoys as well. Our daughter is happy and healthy and normal.

I think of all the people that are so much less fortunate than I am and it makes me thankful for every thing I have. I might not have the biggest and best things or have a closet full of designer duds, but I have so much more than I even need. My pets live better than some people in this world. They are warm and safe and well fed.

Thank you, Lord, for all your blessings. Make me more conscious of what I can do to be a blessing to someone else.

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